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Scalp Hair Nutritional Gel

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  • South Korea South Korea
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Scalp Hair Nutritional Gel - First Development in the World


Main Function of Scalp Hair Nutritional Gel :

Hair Regrowth and Hair Loss Prevention  


Function of Heuk-damo88 : To open the closed hair follicle. If this product is used, dead skin cell of scalp is taken off first. This means that the closed scalp hair follicle opened.

Function of Heuk-damo : To make strong hair regrowth.



1. It is better not to eat alcohol drink during the period of using these products. If drunk, the hair regrowth is delayed.

2. Heuk-danmo88 (For using evening or night): Please don’t exceed maximum 15days-using depending on your lost hair type. Please see “ How to use “.

3. After finishing use of Heuk-danmo88, please use also Heuk-danmo one time even in the evening or night.

4. You should keep how to use these products strictly. If not, the effectiveness  may be down. On the other hand, if you keep how to use these products strictly and use constantly, you may be free from lost hair perfectly.

5. Please start using Heuk-damo88 first and use two products everyday according to “ How to use “.



1. Heuk-danmo88 is for using in the evening or night and Heuk-danmo is for using in the evening or daytime.

2.  You can see the hair regrowth obviously after one or two month use, but this period is little different depending on private condition.


Please extricate yourself from lost hair with our World’s First products


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